Airmail Tyvek Mighty wallet

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The incredible strength of the Mighty Wallet comes from it’s super strong material and unique folded design. This thin and lightweight Tyvek wallet is incredibly strong and resistant to tears and stains.

The Airmail Tyvek Mighty Wallet is the perfect slim wallet for any man or woman.

It's made of express mail envelope material and is vegan friendly. This new wallet is perfect for the geek in your life or anyone who wants a thin wallet that is easy to carry in your front pocket. 

The Airmail Tyvek Mighty Wallet fits easily into your pocket and holds up to 16 cards. It's also great for storing bills, receipts, and other important documents.

Tyvek® is made with thousands of interlocking plastic fibers that creates a thin material that is tear-resistant, water-resistant and recyclable.