Cougar Cheese

Cougar Gold Cheese

Fresh from the famous WSU Creamery located on campus in Pullman, these classic tins of your favorite cheeses are only available in-store at our Cougarwear headquarters in Gig Harbor, Washington.

WSU Cougar Cheese is natural, non-processed cheese. The white residue that may appear on cheese when opened is calcium lactate, not mold! WSU Creamery cheese is gluten-free and rBST-free, made exclusively with Holstein cow milk from the WSU herd.

WSU Creamery cheese comes in large, 30oz decorative tin cans, making them perfect not only for your home, but for giving as gifts to all your friends. Even the Husky fans in your circle will appreciate the unique and enticing flavors that the WSU Creamery has to offer.

Come visit us and snap up all your favorites… quantities may be limited! Check back often for limited edition and seasonal varieties!


We currently have the following delicious flavors available:


Cougar Gold®

The WSU Creamery’s most famous & popular cheese! This rich, white cheddar with a smooth, firm texture is the winner of several national and international awards. This unique cheese has a depth and intensity that most people have never before experienced. Its creamy, lingering flavor will leave you wanting for more! Our current stock of Cougar Gold is just over one year in age. Buy two cans and store one for aging, as it becomes more sharp and crumbly with age, creating a delicious new texture.


Crimson Fire

An award-winning cheese created on demand for the Hot Pepper lovers who wanted more "kick" in their cheese, adding jalapeño and cayenne peppers to the reduced-fat Viking cheese. Deliciously spicy with gorgeous red, orange and green marbling, and 1/3 less fat. One of the newer cheeses, it has quickly become one of the Creamery’s bestsellers!


Smoky Cheddar

Natural smoke flavoring is added to the Natural Cheddar and aged for at least 12 months to cultivate this award-winning, sharp cheese. A creamy, firm cheese with a distinct, lasting hickory taste. The perfect cheese for backyard barbeques, this distinctive cheddar lends excellent flavor to hamburgers. Try it paired with bacon and maple syrup on top of a sweet n’ savory waffle or pancake.



A gourmet, creamy-white, semi-soft cheese similar to Monterey Jack. With a delicate taste, this soothing sensation melts in your mouth. Its characteristic tiny cracks and high moisture makes it perfect for any event or dish. From eggs to pasta, from casual snacking to dinner parties, this cheese makes the perfect garnish or centerpiece.


Dill Garlic

This one is for all the herb lovers out there. Dill weed, dill seed, and mild garlic are added to our Viking cheese for an optimal balance of flavor and appearance. Flecks of green and brown provide bursts of flavor in every bite! Slice it onto crackers and enjoy a picnic in the garden!


Sweet Basil

Our Viking cheese takes a trip to an Milanese garden! Fresh and aromatic, with subtle herb notes, this will satisfy all your Mediterranean cravings. Perfect on top of pastas and pizza, baked in lasagna, or simply with crusty Italian bread and wine.


Hot Pepper

Just the right amount of diced jalapeño peppers are added to our Viking cheese to create a soft, creamy, mild impression. A good jalapeño flavor, without the overwhelming heat. Great in omelets, tacos and quesadillas!